!HELP! I need L4D blood and fire in GMOD

Title says it. What files do I need to extract into m:slick::aaaaa: GMOD directory?


Please help. I need them!
Oh yeah, L4D 2 I meant. Not one.

The fire is 90% the same. They’re the same particles, I think they just move different.

And the blood is PROBABLY impossible (most likely).

Good Luck…

The L4D2 fire goes all wierdy when porting it to the Source 2007 engine.

The fire is not the same at all. and there is obviously different blood splatters. It’s possible alright. I just assume you guys don’t know.

If it was possible we’d have done it already

Oh, I thought you meant the blood particles.

And I just looked at the particle sheet for the fire and compared it to the Episode 2 sheet (also used in Gmod).

Exactly the same. Like I said, they just move differently.

I’ve already tried porting the fire and the alignment is broken.

Well, anything is possible. You just have to know what you’re doing. One of these days we’re going to need some better fire effects.

Wait for the Ep3 engine, then.

I want to know what makes you so sure it will be converted over. Did Garry say this?

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just go and play l4d2 and stop whining
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Ok, I’m getting tired of this. Look:





Exactly the same.

Allow me to demonstrate something:

I went ahead and ported the fire + blood materials into Gmod. I didn’t want to miss anything, so I just ported the entire materials folder.

The result was this:

As you can see, the fire gets fucked up. The blood stays the same.

So they are different.

Did you put the actual particle files in?

Now that I think of it, not for the blood, no.

But the fire doesn’t need it. It’s still a sprite.

The Episode 2 fire is a particle.

The Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 fire were sprites.