Help!I want this model and I could`t find it.Thanks

Please help me…I search this model on GMOD.ORG long time but I counld`t find it.Can somebody help me?And give me a download link?
Thanks a lot!

It’s from digitalero website.
it’s not here cause it’s a nuud model i guess.

don’t forget the tissues.

I’d say you’re dumb because you didn’t notice the lost models thread. But I understand that you didn’t notice - it’s on the second page, begause the section is flooded with requests.

Thank you, You Know Who!

It was probably me, but yeah, gone for 4 days and see the releases subforum of both mapping and models suddenly gone was rather a bit of random change.

The link is point to can I find the model?Thanks.Can you upload to mediafire or gamefront?

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Im sorry~But at last I didnt find the model on this thread…

Download the lingerie model, the dress was edited on.

Do you have it?


You aren’t going to get redirected

But When I click on this link the link redirected to , I dont know why.Can you upload it to mediafire or gamefront?Thank you very much.

Thank you very much!