[Help] Idea's for increasing population.

Hey guys wondering what does it take to increase the population in a server.

If you know how to increase or advice on how to increase the following types of gmod, please leave a comment explaining how to do this. Thank you.

  1. Sandbox server.

  2. Darkrp Server.

  3. Flood Server.

  4. Hardcore Rp ( HL2rp )

  5. Deathrun server.

  1. Make the server actually good. If a player joins and likes it, he might become a regular and tell his friends, bringing more traffic. This is the most important part.

  2. Advertising. This is especially important in the beginning, where you have no pre-existing player-base to start with. Post a thread on the facepunch games section and on some other sites you frequent.

  3. Fix issues as they come up. You will find yourself losing traffic, if your admins start abusing, your server starts chronically crashing or massive lag appears on your server and so on.

  4. Regularly add new content and listen to player’s suggestions.

  5. Tell your friends about the server. This is more important than you think. Just by sending out some PMs, you can get some friends to regular on your server, helping to start it up and making it a better experience for the players.

Just don’t advertise on other community forums or in there servers. Extremely rude to do so.

I meant as in, those that have sections for server advertising.

Yea I know, just clarifying for him ;).

I really do find it extremely rude when people try to do it on my servers. It’s one of the few instant permaban rules.

I know that hosting a website can be one of the things you’re not experienced with or something, but believe me, starting with a .webs.com website looks really bad. People won’t take you serious and laugh at you for not being able to afford a proper website. Just saying, not telling you it IS indeed bad, but a lot of people will think so. Also, donating to like a .webs.com site may look like it’s fake and such.

It not only looks fake, it sends the message of “I don’t value this server enough to pay 2 bucks for a .info domain”.

I had an idea for increasing population, but didn’t realize it was just for a server…

Find regular players who aren’t terrible and can do a good job, make them admins if they’re adults and responsible, and give them incentives for playing there. They’ll bring their friends.