Help I'm a noob admin

Sorry there is probably a very easy solution but I can’t work it out. When typing a message on my vanilla server in notice.popupall the space key does not work how do you put spaces between words?

Try putting the message in quotation marks.

notice.popupall “Dicks everywhere”

Thank you so much. :dance:

If you use an external rcon tool you don’t need to worry as much about those details. Mine is called, there’s also one called Rusty.

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Well by the look of it he spends all his time on Facepunch forum, it is full of dicks here :slight_smile:

It’s the best!

Thx guys, Ok I have another question then, If I install that program will I still be in community tab i don’t want to be moved to modded? I want to be a vanilla server.

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The rcon tools are just external programs that are run entirely separate from your server. All it’s doing it connecting to the server through a particular port and it allows you to directly send commands to the server as if you were typing right into the console in the game.

tl;dr: Will not affect modded vs community status.

That’s correct. And you don’t need to “install”, it’s web-based. Rusty you do need to install but it’s pretty small I think (as long as you have .NET installed). Neither one runs on your server.

Thx guys I think you have just made my Admin experience a whole lot easier

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Good article, and in Garry’s defence; they did ask to see his ‘rig’… guess that was up to interpretation…