Help i'm spinning really fast

so someone pranked me with a console command, some kind of yaw thing. and now I spin so fast that I can’t do anything, yea I know it’s funny, but it’s really annoying. Help?

-left -right

dosent that make it so you cant turn at all?

No what probly happen is you were told to +right or +left
Applying -left or -right Will reverse This.

no, it was like “cl_yawspeed” or something like that

Do this.

“find yaw” in console, look for whichever one has a stupidly high number. Find its’ default (usually a second value or “Default = X”).

Put found command in, along with default value e.g. cl_yawspeed 12 (or whatever the fucking default is I dunno).

thanks, problem fixed, KFrphman is credit to team!