HELP. Im stuck in a house :(

So yeah, we had a fight and I entered his house… He closed his fu**ing metal door and I killed him. So now is the question… How do I get out of here without C4? LOL… Can I respawn on my sleeping bag without dying?

Best regards.

Sorry mate, you cant really get out without c4. If you could make or use a box inside the house to store your items in, then suicide to get home. Then come back with c4 if you have. Or lots of grenades

If you got a buddy, maybe they craft some c4 to get you out. Otherwise you gotta suicide.

Shit… I dont know a single person :D. And I cant craft C4 :(. Just got my first 9mm. Guess I gotta leave it and die :frowning:

Haha nice one of your opponent :slight_smile:
Thats how rust works could have been me i do this alot

Hahaha. Nevermind. I suicided and the good thing is that my house is near this guy. So Ill get C4 soon and then fuck that shit up :_D

good luck on “fucking that shit up”