[Help] In Game Mic Problems

When I hold the ‘v’ key the mic symbol pops up and shows i’m talking, but no one can really hear me. All my friends say it does an echo and they can hear them selves, and when i’m on skype it projects the skype noises in game like other people talking along with the games sound. I’ve never had a problem like this and the mic works 100% fine for all other games and programs. The mic isn’t even a bad mic but it is connect to a headset. And no its not the mic picking up the headset (Unless the game somehow made it more sensitive) because i have never had this problem and the headset volume is low. The mic works in skype fine, also my friends said that they can hear some sounds from my background like my bird chirping but not even when I am loud.

Any help is good. I just would really like to be able to talk to people so i can stop getting killed on sight.
P.S. I have always had this problem, it wasn’t with the update.

Found this.

Basically it says to disable all other audio input devices - but I’m not sure if that’s necessary. Most Windows PC’s (I’m assuming, as your post has a question mark for your OS) have the speaker icon on the taskbar - near the clock. (Windows Vista and later) Right click and select ‘Recording devices’.

If there are multiple devices, right click the one you want to use and make sure that ‘Set as default device’ and ‘Set as default communication device’ are not there. (There are two indicators for these settings… Default device is a green circle with a check mark, and default communication device is a green circle with a telephone icon - however, when both are set to 1 device only the check mark appears, so it is just easier to make sure the two menu options aren’t there.)

Relaunch your game and give it a go.