Help installing Player Models.

I am having trouble with installing player models, any help? The one i have trouble on is the PMC P.M.s, do i install it to Garry’s Mod/Garry’s Mod/
-Dedicated to my brother, Tyler Hill

Giving a link would be very helpful. Plus why did you dedicate your post to your brother?
Just incase its getting snipped:

He died, yesterday. He is on a machine but he has no brain waves, he’s dead no matter what.

Ok…? The link?

I just want to know HOW i’m usually supposed to install them.

Addons/models/whatever can come in different formats.

If you supply us with a link, we can tell you about what you’re supposed to do with that particular one.

And way to dedicate a thread on Facepunch to your late brother.

I’m sure he’d be proud.

Definitely. He’s lucky that he isnt drowned in jokes already, though.

Can you,help me,how can I change the player’s model?
In the playeroprions menu i can only try some standart model( Barney, Kleiner, etc…