Help (invisibility)

I would ask if they have a code snippet that you hold down right click, the character becomes invicible?
I’m doing a Swep FEAR and try to copy the abilities of Alma Wade
oh and another thing, I do not think this can be done but would like to change the actions of the right click for other options of weapons
I would appreciate much your help, greetings!

I don’t understand your run-on sentence. Also, while you’re correcting that would you please fix the spelling and reword just about… everything?


Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone had a code where you could right click to become invisible.
I’m making a SWEP based on FEAR, and wanted to copy the abilities of Alma Wade.
Oh, I do not think this can be done, but I would like it to be able to switch weapons when I left click.
I would very much appreciate your help. Hello!

Response: This can be done, but it would be VERY difficult. You would need a vast knowledge
of LUA. If you hire a coder, than you’d probably have to pay him.

It’s not very difficult, the hell are you talking about? <.<


function SWEP:PrimaryAttack() 
       self.Owner:SetColor(255, 255, 255, 0)

lau kingz?

SetColor(r, g, b, 0) doesnt work, it has to be 1 or something( from what ive heard)

The invisibility is easy, I was just thinking about creating all the different weapon SWEPS. He wanted the right click to open his options of weapons, or whatever.

Like I said, not hard.

Alright… no comment :slight_smile:

function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()
olddefaultcolor = self.Owner:GetColor() – so you can restore it on right click? I think this is how you do it, yes?
self.Owner:SetColor(255, 255, 255, 0)

Was it really necessary to reply? And why would you do it that way?

Lol i wouldn’t really do it this way. And nah it wasn’t necessary. :stuck_out_tongue: