HELP Invisible items

First off here is the errors

I recently started playing PH, i used to only play TTT. I have own Tf2 and lf42 and lfd1. I dowloaded the sources for Counter strike source, Half life 2 ep 1 and 2. Also for DOD. On the map
cs:office there are places where tables and such should be but they are not there. look at these screen shots. There is only shadows, it is very hard to play like this lol.

my addons :

In game screenshots:

If someone can tell me how to fix that would be great :smiley:

Can someone please help?

You may have downloaded some corrupted/missing files.
You should find some that are working or just purchase the games and have it mounted correctly.

maybe try redownloading the game files from

(User was banned for this post ("warez. buy the game." - postal))