Help is appreciated

I want to make and ACA Hurricane siren in Gmod, but i don’t know how to create props, models, or entities. Basically, i’m a software retard. If anyone could tell me some programs to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you need a modeling tool, a model compiler and the source sdk. The modeling tools being ones like 3ds max, blender, maya, milkshape and others like that. For a compiler, you’d need something called StudioCompiler to actually put the models in the game. There are other compilers, that’s just the one I like to use. The source sdk should be available under the tools section in the Library of your steam.

Not only do you need the tools, but you need effort to get the skills necessary. This website has almost everything you need to know about the source sdk. I can only point you in the right direction. :wink:

You need:
-3ds max (or Blender) to make the model, animation and export to smd
-Adobe Photoshop (or GIMP -though not very good) to make textures for the model
-Source SDK - StudioMDL need it to operate + it has ModelViewer
-GUIStudioMDL to compile the skin(model)

OR: you can port it from a game, if any has that model and if porting from that game is possible (the tools are still required)