"Help is on the way!" Two soldiers fighting off the flood.

Spent the whole night on this. Mainly finger posing.

Fun facts:
/I spent about 4 hours redoing the whole thing.
/The muzzle flash is still crap.
/Super DOF actually did something good without the whole Rendering part.
Here’s the old version for comparisons:

And here’s the picture my pose was (somewhat) based on:

^iGamerNewb pretty much forced me with a fluffly pillow to make this pose.

No point in working on fingerposing if you can’t even see it from this distance, try more of a closeup. Also, you can’t fire an assualt rifle like that, you’ll have to let go of the guy and use to hands. Meh overall.

A m4 weighs about 10 pounds when fully loaded. Use a pistol, man.

Also the guy witht he pistol arm looks weird, like part of it was cut off. Needs more flood, and a more interesting angle. Muzzle flash needs work,
Posing and idea is good though.

I’m a bit tired right now, I’ll fix up some of those mistakes in a bit. :smile:

Um no, a M4 fully loaded magazine is 6 pounds, and he doesn’t have to use a pistol because the rifle isn’t even that heavy, it’s not that hard to let go of the collar of the soldier to put his hand on the handguard quickly if even that just grab the magazine as quickly as possible. Also yes more of these “Flood” creatures.

There we go. Redid the pose, more flood, a pistol instead of a rifle, better angle and some stuff happening in the background. :smile:

Looks a ton better now, at least in my opinion it does :v:

The guy with the revolver is holding his gun weird, and the muzzleflash still needs work, but otherwise, excellent.

It’s supposed to look weird because he’s hurt, the revolver weighs alot and he just fired it but it was all quadruple checked to make sure the revolver is aiming at the flood soldier… And yes, the muzzleflash is crap. I haven’t found a good tutorial for it. :sigh:

Try making it tilt the other way.
And I noticed the guy in the back legs look a bit awkward.

The angle looks really iffy to me.

Its okay

Um no again, a Revolver isn’t heavy, I don’t see the logic in how a handgun is heavier than a assualt rifle and all you did was put the camera angle next to the guys, didn’t even bother with the muzzle flash again and you can totally see the fucking up leg on the soldier carrying his teammate :effort:.


and it doesn’t look wierd because he’s hurt, it looks weird because all you did was spawn him and lay him on his ass and his back leaning backwards a little bit and hold a gun, and you completely half assed the guy dragging his teammate and I don’t see the point in both of them using a handgun, the M4 was better all you had to do if this was a real life scenario is let go of the guy and have him shoot (:hurr:) and put your hand on the handguard of the M4 and shoot.


and you hardly even posed any of these “Flood” creatures and insects, you just spawned them and posed them vertically and let there legs dragged, no way that took four hours to do.


You can overlook my criticism for being “nitpicky” but i’m telling the truth, you can’t say improved unless you actually improved, the only difference is the angle, half-assed posed “Flood” things, couple vehicles outside and say that took 4 hours.

M4 weights 80000 kg, read wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myasishchev_M-4

An M4 weighs 5 pounds. 2.7 kilograms.

also they’re fucked whether they like it or not


also editing looks like oil pastels

Shit give me your glasses because i’ve never heard of such gun that can be seen as a plane with said glasses, do share.

Look at the background! It’s a plane!

Well you see that’s more of a giant space transport ship, not a plane. and it’s not called a M4, M4 is an assualt rifle.

Actually all of the flood have their whole bodies posed. They would look as if they pooped themselves if they were just set up vertically without any other kind of posing but the only flood that I DID just spawn them and put vertically are the big yellow vomit balls. They only have 2-3 posable parts and they’re barely noticeable.
The guy’s left leg looks weird because it’s supposed to be more of a way to hang on while dragging the hurt guy so he doesn’t just slip.
The right leg is supposed to be more of a rest for the guy on the right. Ever been dragged? Try it with a friend just like in the picture I posted on what this is based on.
I tried to bother with the muzzle flash but no matter what I tried it would just pretty much end up looking the same and all the tutorials I would find are (Call me dumb, rate me dumb if you want) are for a different angle. I just can’t adjust the angle no matter what I try. :downs:
I changed the M4 to the deagle because I read the few posts and my friend kept bothering me about it saying that that’s more realistic though to be honest I’m more agreeing with you on using the M4.
The ship in the background is a dropship which is supposed to look as if it’s coming in to pick them up but it’s been screwed up.
And about the revolver heavier than a rifle - that I don’t know. I remember reading a cheesy article quite a while ago that rifles are made of lighter materials than magnums. I feel really :downs: now.
The downed guy isn’t just layed on his ass. If he were one of his legs would be glitched into the ground and his head would be looking up at the sky.

You based your picture off a guy with an M4, but you got bothered about someone comment who’s never been in a war and dragged someone or even been dragged before. How would he slip on wood? I don’t see rain or mud, your statement is invalid and so is this picture.