help ! is there any program that converts models Battlefield Bad Company 2 and also Vietnam

Type these model see!

this model is the

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

more I want to convert using a more peaceful program style BF4!

I finally understood how it does to convert something the BFC 2 Vietnam
this is the paste of glass UH-1!

Model !

I used the (ninja ripper new version)

more I have to (UVW map) or edit 2 scalar!

model dismounted !

mounted model!

original texture!

guys I’m doing a small pack

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

names to convert!

UH-60 Transport
AH-64 Apache 15%
Mitsubishi A6M Zero 10%
Quad Bike 50%
type 95

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam

UH-1 Iroquois 84%

Great to hear that, sir! We need more types of american units of that time!