Help - I've been banned for a bug

(Sorry for my bad english)

Today, 29th March was banned for the following reason “facepunch_connected_VAC_banned” and did not know what to do, so I went googling and saw this reason I was banned was for HACK / MOD illegal, but I do not use any of those things and I do not know what to do, then come here to ask for your help, please help me bought the game recently and really into jogar.Não to know more what to do, PLEASE HELP!

(Sorry for my bad english, I’m typing by Google Translate)

Thankful des already

VAC banned is VAC banned. As far as I know, only one single incident was false in the history of VAC.

vI need help please, bought the game now and already one of desses.Ja error or do not know where else to go.


Buy the game again you hacker.

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Here we go!

What’s your Steam profile, zoidberg17?

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Also, nobody on Facepunch, at all, can do anything about VAC bans. The only thing you can do is go to Steam Support.

You’d be wrong. They’re pretty infrequent, and not one has turned up for Rust, but they do happen. Only one massive fuck-up has happened, where 12,000 MW2 players got banned at once because Steam changed a file after the game launched and then VAC detected that the file had been changed and freaked out.

Sounds like its time to start saving your allowance again. You can open a support ticket with Steam if you want but bullshit excuses won’t work on them. You’ll just get an automated copy/paste reply which basically amounts to “tough shit, thanks for the business.”

sounds like god mode is over noob

Unban process at Facepunch:-

  1. Gary holds wallet open.
  2. Hacker stuffs in cash until Gary nods.
  3. Hacker logs in again (forget to uninstall hack)
  4. Gary holds wallet open.
  5. Hackers ‘little brother’ logs into account with leet hax.
  6. Etc.
  7. Sale of forum popcorn goes up.
  8. Hits puberty.

Post your steam profile

You’re going to have to try to contact Steam regarding this, zoidberg17. The VAC bans have nothing to do with the developers of the game you’re banned from, and this is the game-developer’s forum—sorry. :frowning:

Don’t mind a lot of the responses here. They follow this logic:

Step 1: Assume all VAC bans are accurate.
Step 2: Consider a situation where someone says they’ve been inaccurately banned.
Step 3: Refer to Step 1. Conclude that this person is lying and, in fact, was cheating.
Step 4: Use your conclusion in Step 3 as evidence for why your assumption in Step 1 is correct.

All VAC bans are accurate… if they weren’t, don’t you think there would be a huge shitstorm here? Yet we get only a couple of these a day, and a good 75% of the time, they use the exact same username for cheat sites.

No, I don’t think so. There are two possibilities:

  • There are inaccurate VAC bans and there isn’t a huge shitstorm here.
  • There are inaccurate VAC bans and there is a huge shitstorm here.

I don’t see reason to assume the second possibility, and then use that assumption to further assume that all VAC bans are accurate. Naturally, some people who are banned (accurately or inaccurately) come here to complain about it—but I don’t think that this gives us reason to believe that everyone else who is banned is going to do the same thing. On a similar note, I don’t think that infrequent complaints correlates with how accurate VAC bans are. What if VAC bans were 50% accurate, but it only banned a few people from Rust, and even fewer of those people complained here? We don’t know anything of accuracy based on the infrequency of complaints.

Also, I, for example, have used the name AmagicalFishy for years. I don’t hack, I don’t cheat, nor do I condone either, but I have a registered account on If I were to get VAC banned from something, people here would use my account on that site as “evidence” that I hacked. I can also fully understand being active in a “hack filled” community without hacking one’s self.

I’ve seen a lot of how people here treat others who are VAC banned, and it’s behavior that’s filled with circular assumptions and confirmation bias. A lot of the times, it even seems rather malicious.

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying VAC is a bad or inaccurate system, nor am I saying all or most of the complaints here are truthful. I’m just saying that, if someone says “I’ve been unreasonably banned. I don’t cheat!” Assuming guilt and responding with “Well, you shouldn’t have cheated!” doesn’t actually help anything. It’s like assuming someone who was arrested is guilty; they may be most of the time, but the assumption is ultimately a detrimental one.)

Already checked your account on mpgh Fishy :smiley: thing is there are no posts regarding rust . Almost all of the VAC banned guys that are getting caught having accounts on cheating sites have some questions about the cheat they bought or how come it wasn’t “VAC proof” + recent activity . If VAC does a mistake it would be one that would ban so many guys that the forums would explode . He cheated , he got busted now he has to buy the game again and maybe this time he won’t cheat .

AmagicalFishy, what jonny is essentially expressing is this:

I’ve heard this story hundreds of times since VAC bans started near the beginning of the year. “I got VAC banned, I don’t know why, I did nothing wrong, it must’ve been that bug when I closed the door and got flung into space and kicked by the server for violation. I’m not a cheater, please unban me, I don’t know what I did to get banned.”

Hundreds of times.

Some people get creative and say that they turned their gamma up in the Nvidia control panel, or that they had mouse macro buttons set up. At the end of the day, the story is still the same. Somehow VAC screwed up and banned them by mistake.

I don’t know what the exact number is for Rust VAC bans since the beginning of the year, but it’s at least 2,000.

When you contest a VAC ban, the VAC case (i.e. your ban and the data VAC has on you to justify the ban) is reviewed by a human being. If you are incorrectly banned, Steam Support will say as much in the ticket when they unban you.

If VAC is so terrible at this, with these hundreds and hundreds of innocents who’ve been caught unfairly, why has there not been a single screenshot of a reversed VAC ban for Rust? That seems pretty improbable if it’s as unreliable as the hundreds of complainers say it is.

Or maybe there’s a more probable explanation: They’re lying because lying might get them unbanned and they have nothing to lose by trying.

Also, nobody on FP can unban you anyway.

Mezamorphis—if someone with the same profile name is asking for Rust hacks… well… that’s pretty obvious incriminating evidence, haha. Though, I’ve seen a lot of cases where it’s “Oh, a profile name similar to yours is talking about hacks, so you’re a hacker!” These are the cases I’m talking about.

elixwhitetail, there are 4 groups of people who are VAC banned from Rust.

  • People who did not cheat and who contacted Steam.
  • People who did cheat and who contacted Steam.
  • People who did not cheat and came to Facepunch forums.
  • People who did cheat and came to Facepunch forums.

The only data we have available to us is the combined number of the last two groups. That is, people who either did or did not cheat and came to Facepunch forums. Personally, if I was VAC banned from a game, I would contact Steam. When that ban is revoked, the last thing I would think of is “I should take a screenshot of this.” The very last thing I would think of is “I should go to the developer forums and post my screenshot.”

In order to see a screenshot of a reversed VAC ban for Rust, you’d have to appeal to a pretty small subset of people: Those people who did not cheat and came to Facepunch forums, who then contacted Steam, got their ban revoked, and decided to screenshot it and post it on Facepunch. Now that’s what seems pretty improbable.

Let’s consider, now, a person in this small subset. Said person probably doesn’t know much about hacking or why they get banned (exemplified by the fact that they come to the Facepunch forums after getting banned instead of contacting Steam). What if, after thinking of why they might have been banned, the only thing they can think of is “Well, I did glitch through a door. I bet that’s why!”

I understand that some (probably most) people are lying, and that VAC is probably pretty accurate—but this does not justify the pretty awful behavior towards people who are banned, no more than it justifies spitting on someone who was arrested and asking for help just because they were arrested.

There are so many factors that we’re ignorant of, making too many assumptions is… well, bad, and doesn’t really help anyone, anywhere, even that small subset of people who did not cheat and come to Facepunch .

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Sorry, 4 groups of people who are VAC banned and try to get unbanned. I’m not sure how many people get banned and say “Whelp, fuck it” for whatever reason, and either buy a new copy or just don’t bother playing anymore.

Are you fucking dense? Go research how VAC works, there are NO false positives, and on the EXTREMELY rare offchance there is, it is reversed.

I know how VAC works. As I’ve said, I don’t think it’s an inaccurate system by any means. This does not make the behavior of which I speak any more reasonable. My comments were independent of how VAC works—so that suggestion is kind of silly.

I… assume you didn’t actually read what you quoted?

So…you don’t think VAC is inaccurate but you’re saying being VAC banned isn’t evidence of cheating.

A VAC ban in and of itself IS the evidence. Unless, you have an example of some people who were wrongly VAC banned from Rust. I mean, with all these “false” bans there must be dozens of examples.