"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Thanks FireK for title name :wink:
** Can anyone help me Find a Juggernaut Ragdoll? Jason’s Player model/NPC pack on gmod.org won’t show up in gmod for some reason and I am in need of this model… **

Posing’s not so great. Also, the explosion could use some work.

Not bad though.

That looks pretty great, the lack of shadow, the bad angle and messed up grain kinda ruin it tho.

Thanks, First time With an explosion Tut. :smiley:

Needs better lighting


They are very relaxed for such kind of situation and the tft guy is not holding the m249 right, he should aim down the sights.

Who is fighting who? I can’t figure out.

Nice editing.

you’re welcome babe :love:

i got the name from the guy lying on the ground

1:17 brought me here.

Funny pic btw.

They need Life Alert!

Explosion needs alot of work, so do the tracers. The overall posing is rather off aswell.

How may I improve.

while that is generally something you want to do, it is entirely possible to fire a minimi from the hip and since it’s carried that way on patrol (try carrying a 10kg loaded weapon that’s seriously front-heavy shouldered and you’ll soon see why), the opening bursts are usually from the hip