Help: Keep Crashing To Desktop In The Middle Of Playing Server

Recently, in these last 2 days, my Garry’s Mod has been crashing very often, after 3-10 minutes of playing on a server everytime.
I’m quite frustrated and tried many thinks to try to resolve this.
Can someone look into my dumps, and find out whats causing this? Thanks alot, if you could!

Recent Dumps Of Crashes:

Things I Tried:
Remove useless addons
Uninstall Gmod
Installed Gmod again
Verify game cache

Operating System:
AMD Six-Core FX-6120 //CPU
10GB DDR3 //system memory
Radeon HD 7450 GPU w/ 1GB //GPU
Windows 7 Home Premium //OS

Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date and also try removing all the addons temporarily. Garry’s mod updates now and then and can cause problems with many addons

I tried, still crashing. D: