Help keep this game hack-free

Hello, does anyone have any idea on how I can get in contact with Gary or a staff member can get in contact with him? I am a developer from a well known game programming forum and I would like to send in details on how to prevent people from hacking and exploiting this browser game. Me and the team would like to keep this game hack-free or at least try to so It’d be in our best interest to send in all the information we can gather to the development team of this game so we can all have a good experience playing it.

Any help in getting me in contact with one of the higher ups is much appreciated.


(he wants a rust key)

I already have an account to play the game. Thank you for your response.

These posts aren’t really trust-able so i suggest to either ignore it or… yeah just ignore it and I think Gary and the other devs know how to shield it from hacks i’m sure.

I realize that there are tons of people trolling for keys around the forums, so it’s understandable. I will just send the information through private message I guess.

You realize they already have a successful game right? If you didn’t these are the creators of Garrys Mod. I’m sure they know exactly what they are doing. Go help the Infestation: Survivor Stories Devs, they need it more.

if you are a developer who doesn’t know how to conduct business…gl

How am I conducting business when I am not asking for any gains in return? enough with the assuming guys.

Yeah, I’m sure “developer from a well known game programming forum” can protect a game from hacking better than a millionaire game developer who has been writing commercial games for over 8 years and has a full team of programmers.

I do realize that, but it doesn’t hurt to offer help to a game that you really like right? I have tried to help WarZ but never got a response back from the developers since they are so busy sucking every dime out of their users. However, I did go out of my way to unpack one of the paid cheats and forward the unpacked version of the cheat to them.

You couldn’t even claim the programming forum or proof >.> Besides, if you look at garry’s mod, I don’t think he’d need much help.

Maybe he can have the anti hack program from dayz but idk he can do what he wants

Apparently it is a crime to offer any form of help here.

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It’s a hacking forum, so don’t think I’m allowed to link it here. (I will most likely be infracted for advertising).

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But I’ll be on my way guys. I appreciate the input but my only intention herewas to help, nothing more than that. I will go back to playing Rust and report any information to Gary or the forum staff privately through pm.

you offered no form of proof. so for now you are just a kid QQ’ing for a key

Your help isn’t very helpful.

You do realize that letting a random user on some forum help them is more of a detriment to them than a gain, no matter how much you do or don’t charge, right?

So what forum is this exactly?

im done.

i want a rust key ;p

lol, this made me laugh.

I suggest all of you stop Fighting Gary’s Battles, It is his decision, I mean how do you know he doesnt need help, so Please, Lay Off!