HELP? L4D models in HL2 EP2 Hammer?

i have been trying to import L4D models into HL2:E2 version of hammer, i am trying to create a hospital level and L4D has all the textures and props i need however the L4D editor does not seem to allow NPC’s so i am trying to import the props into EP 2, so far i have had no success, i have extracted the models from the L4D content file and have attempted more than 6 times using 6 different methods to import to EP2, upon importing them the model viewer shows them as invisible unless i enable the collisions where the outline of the collision mapping is shown, any help here would be appreciated.

Mapping section my friend

should just be able to copypasta into the ep2 folder. maybe issues with engine version though.

Technically its a modeling issue. If I remember correctly, the L4D models are short 1 or 2 files when compared to EP2 models. Which prevents them from actually showing up in older engines.