Help loading STools while in-game.

Hello, I need help loading STools from say, an extracted .gma file or legacy addon in game using some sort of lua editor like gcompute. I can already add weapons/entities pretty well with easylua, but have no idea how to add STools. I know it’s possible some way or another, I just don’t know how, and was wondering if any of you smart people may be able to help me. I’m also not too great at lua so bear with me.


Not what he was asking for

You misunderstand, I want to load them from in-game, I know it’s possible since I can already load entities and weapons ingame using a lua editor such as gcompute, but now I want to load STools as well.

i made a really hacky set of functions that did what you want, but it’s on my old pc’s hdd so i can’t get it right now, pray to god that either i find it on the hdd or that someone else gives you something similar

I really hope you find it too, that would be a godsend for me, because I can already load entities and weapons while in game, the last thing I need are sweps and that’s it. Do keep an eye out for it if you will, I’d be very greatful!
EDIT: I’m also looking into the base stool.lua to see what I can learn from it.

no luck, it must’ve been on the ssd which i had to reformat for various reasons
i might remake them when i get the time and motivation to do so

I hope you do, I would be ecstatic and love you forever.

If anyone else can help me I’d be very greatful. :happy:

try lua_reloadents and spawnmenu_reload

the problem is, that’s how you do it serverside; he wants to load it remotely through client using something like luadev+easylua

The spawnmenu_reload is required to add the new tool to the spawnmenu, not sure if you can RunConsoleCommand it or something.

you misunderstand, i meant lua_reloadents is something you run serverside and that he doesn’t want to do it serverside; spawnmenu_reload is to add the entry to the spawnmenu once you’ve ran that or added it by other means