Help LOOKING for a new Dark RP community or CITY RP

I am looking to join a server that is needing admins who know how to manage and control a server, i have had experience as a super admin on two different server and have been admin several times, i have good ideas and hope to share them with a deserving server.
If you are interested in my offer please respond either through steam @ ben10lewis or reply to this post.
Would be really grateful to b accepted into a new community.

Why are you not admin on the srvers anymore?

No one is just going to hire an admin. They usually pull admins from their friends or trustable members of their community.

Admin! Admin! I like your server! Can I be an admin? I’m a good admin!

Pretty sure people who ask for admins on a server they’ve only been on for ten minutes are almost always shot down instantly :v:

Hop around some communities, find one you like and get involved. You should also have some other incentive to play there as opposed to just ‘I want admin’

I dont think you guys understood. I am looking for a good community that would eventually take on an admin and the 1st question “why am i not admin anymore?” this is because of school work but i have finished now.

I did that and I got superadmin after 1 day :smiley: