[Help] Low quality of dynamic shadows in CS:GO

Is there a way to change LOD (level of detail) of dynamic shadows in CS:GO? I can only change “max shadow distance” through “env_cascade_light” entity but shadows look terrible from large distance

If its that far away what do you need high resolution shadows for?

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lower the lightmap scale on the displacements it will bake the lighting and wont look so bad

I reduced it from 16 to 9 (can’t set below that value) and shadows still look ugly.

are your trees prop_dynamic?

Yes, cause they’re animated. My partially solution to this problem is to set appropriate light_env values so there’s only little contrast between those pixelated shadows and surface.

The issue is they’re not casting static shadows. and all games have horrible distance shadows. so There’s not much you can do.

L4D2 and CSGO have some shader parameters that add a real-time swaying effect to models, even when they’re used as prop_static. I don’t have either game installed, but I found this post by Stiffy:

I would recommend using prop_statics with these parameters, rather than those animated prop_dynamics. It would probably improve performance, and the lighting on the trees and the ground below would look a lot better.

As for the shadows: You could try modifying the model so that it has a LOD where the sway/animation is disabled. The distant shadows would still be low-res, but they wouldn’t be as jittery since there’s no movement. On the other hand, the transition from the static to the animated LOD might be jarring as players move closer to the trees.

Thank you for advice, I’ll definitely try that. I don’t know how to stamp posts btw :ohno: