help lua scope

I’m a new lua editor and i’m trying to make a scope for a swep that doesn’t move and shake all the time… i don t know how to stop it i tried like all day. if anyone can give me the code that i need to change/edit/delete that will be awesome. if u need to know what base i’m using “Teta Bonitas Realistic SWEP Base”

Most sweps don’t have scopes that move and shake.

It’s probably because you’re using the realistic weapon base, and it is part of the realism in the lua weapon base.

ya i know but how do i stop it? im editing one of the weapons and i just got stuck in this part… is their a way to stop it?

Try making your own swep instead of copy/pasting someone elses and changing a few variables.

im new at lua coding and i tryed but the only code for burst firing and semi and stuff only work with this one… i know i sound like a newb but i just started like 1 day ago when i started to edit it. im just working on editing now


ok… if no one found a way then does anyone know about a good base that has auto and burst fire and a scope? please? im like 6 hrs sitting trying to find a way…