Help make SENT with random weapons

(I apologize for mistakes, I’m from Ukraine, I use an interpreter)

I think everyone knows that if NPC Weapon has a Default, then with the spawn of npc_citizen, it can have both SMG and shotgun. So, I’m doing SENT on AI npc_citizen (SENT has to do it because you can not put several random models in the usual way) , And I managed to give the NPS only one weapon. Here is the line that is responsible for issuing weapons:

self.ent: Give (“weapon_soviet_ak”, “weapon_rocket_launcher”)

Only weapon_soviet_ak is given out, the second weapon is ignored. If you write 2 such lines, but in each line there will be only one weapon, then that is indicated which is indicated in the 2nd line. How do I put a random release of weapons?