Help making a addon?

I am wondering if anyone could make a Gmod addon that can play things off your hardrive. I would like it to be easy to use like youtube Player.

I am wondering if anyone could make a mod/addon like this that would work on servers.

What do you mean by playing stuff off your hard drive? You mean like open files/folders? Because that is what alt+tab is for

You mean have an active filebrowser in Garry’s Mod? What?

I think he means video and music files~

Hmmm, as much as I know about the limits of Lua, i’m not sure on that one.

You can already play music off of anywhere in your hard drive.
Simply use “…” to go back one folder, and use that to find the song.
Or you can put the song in your Gmod sound folder.

However, if you want OTHER PEOPLE to be able to hear that song, they would have to put it in the exact same folder with the exact same name as you.

Use MuseX.
It plays song anywhere on your harddrive.

I looked up MuseX. Looks really cool :slight_smile: I’d say this is what he is looking for.

Thanks For The Help.

I would of loved if it could play like a movie from your cd rom drive lol, but music is ok.

Why would you want to watch a movie while playing Gmod?

So you can rickroll everyone in the server XD

… :eng99: