Help Making A GMod Map?

Im new to making maps for css and gmod. What is the best way to start a map?

Is there any starter templates i could get? if there is where can i get them from?

Yeah best way to start is pick right section where to ask.
It has to go into maps section
Then you can ask there.

I recommend you start off by following the advice of the above, but Valve developer wiki isn’t bad, I use it to look up the functions of stuff in it. But there are some pretty good tutorials in :wink:

i recomend starting off making simple half life 2 maps with no point to them (Y)

that way you wont be releasing something that fucks up straight away and you dont know how to fix

Watch 3klikphilip’s videos. They helped me.

Ignore this.

You should avoid tutorials on youtube unless they’re on really basic stuff like placing a prop.

Some youtube tuts are ok if they’re from decent mappers, like Firegod.


Alot of the tutorials on youtube are either from 8 year olds that cant explain in proper english or non-reliable tutorials. Sometimes there are good ones if you are a little more advanced then “How to use hammer editor” [Search]

well, you can watch tutorials, or you can learn from other maps.
And i found something :
you can download all the .VMF´s of the HL2 maps here

They’ll all be decompiled and therefore horrible.

Decompiling is only good for looking at entity setups, not seeing how brushwork is done.

no, these are not horrible. ive downloaded all exept of the trainstation and css maps.
Tey are just perfect.

I just use the Valve VMF’s that come with SDK.

3klikphilip has basic tutorials and setting up SDK.

How do you know they’re not horrible, they’re probably just a decompiled version that is obviously always fucked up. Just use the maps valve included in Source SDK as stated above.

There is a reason why we do not advocate the use of 3kliks on this forum.

3klikphilip tutorial videos are amazing they help so much with mapping I recommend it a 100% (Im a new mapper to)

You are new mapper, that the reason why you recommend 3kliksphilip. I mostly recommend sites.

Tutorials that teach bad habits. I personally recommend Firegod’s tutorials, he’s pretty good, and explains stuff well.


They teach a lot of bad habits which are very difficult to unlearn.