Help Making A Melee Swep from Addon Props

Hi there. I recently bought Garry’s Mod and I wanted to start making my own weapons. I loved the Condemned games and still play them to this day, so I decided to downloaded a prop pack from the first Condemned game; Criminal Origins.

Here’s the link to the props:

So I read a bit on making Sweps and it confuses me a bit. I see a bunch of tutorials but those are all for gun tutorials. I want to use a Melee Weapon.

I read that you could always just use a melee weapons code and just switch out the model. So I did.

The weapon worked fine. Except the model of the prop didn’t show up.

I’m not exactly sure what to do to fix it?
I don’t know what to put for the model and it honestly does confuse me a lot.
Any Help would be nice please.

(Sorry if there’s already a thread like this)

The problem is, I don’t think those models are rigged to be used as weapons, and I am pretty sure in that pack there are no view models ( first person models ).