Help making a skybase?

I have tried and failed in the past week to make a skybase - and all I could fail at was the elevator. I didn’t even know what to build in the base itself.
So my questions are:

  1. What should I put in my skybase and what layout should it have? (Shape? How many floors? Rooms?)

  2. How do I stabilize an elevator? I know how to make one using e2, but whenever I use mine it either spazzes out completely or kills me when I run into it. How would I fix this? (How many sliders? hydraulics? Where? Is there a specific technique to making a stable elevator?)

  1. Imagination

  1. Use only one hydraulic? In the center. I usually place the elevator prop at the bottom, record the Hydraulic length, and slowly lift it up until it’s perfect. Then I make an E2 based on that.

I didnt think that the wire hydraulic length displayed in the controller changed as you lifted it, though. How do you find the length of where it is perfect?

And you dont use any sliders or anything? Just a fixed hydraulic, and its stable?