Help Making an E2

Hello, all! I have been trying to make an E2 script for the last few hours and seeing as this is my first time using it I am stumped. I am trying to make a tracking script for the AG3 Satellite in the CAP addons. I want to be able to have the default mode track a certain player and then an alternate mode where I can use a laser pointer for manual targeting. I have a script made that sortof works but due to AG3 wiring mechanics it defaults to the ENTITY value instead of the VECTOR value. I need to find a way to use the E2 to ONLY output one of these at a time so the manual targeting works. Currently only automatic targeting works and I have a rudimentary system in place for switching targets (although it would be nice if E2 could control this) I will post the code I am working with below, along with a screenshot of my setup. Thanks for any help.

@name AG3 Targeting System
@inputs FinderTarget:entity LaserTarget:vector WhichMethod:number
@outputs TargetName:string FinderTarget:entity LaserTargetOut:vector
@trigger all
TargetName = FinderTarget:name()
if(WhichMethod == 1) {LaserTargetOut} else {FinderTarget:name()}

Not only is this not the right thread for help and support, but this isn’t even the right website for E2 help.