Help making and manipulating entities.

I have recently started learning Lua, I have some experience in Python, Java and C# and have gone through some of the GmodWiki Lua tuts.

But say I want to create an Entity like the bouncy ball… Where do I start ? Where do I find a tutorial ? Where do I find documentation on creating Ents ? How do I move on to more complex Ents like creatures and what not, or making bots ?

I have used the search to no avail…

Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks x

Unfortunately, a good deal of the good stuff in Lua doesn’t really have a tutorial. You need to look through Garry’s or others’ implementations of some things in Garry’s Mod, like the bouncy ball, to understand how ENTs work:

Although, the wiki does have some tuts on a good deal of the basics.

The wiki is great for looking up functions when you already know the basic structure of things and just need to get a function that you forgot. Although, browsing around the hooks or what have you is a good way to come across really cool features.

You should also read this, as it’s basically the guide to Lua.

Really, learning GLua is more so a process where you look at others code and experiment with it a ton. Look through a couple addons on that are entites. Look through their code, study it, play around with it.