Help making custom CS:S playermodels

So heres the deal, I made a bunch of reference smd’s for a custom CS:S playermodel Im currently TRYING to get working right…

Since I downloaded PREDAAATOR’s Ultimate Team and Replicant CS:S model packs and installed them and was shocked they actually WORKED right without giving me a consistancy error.

So I tried making my own custom model work right in CS:S but it failed.

When I looked at in in MDLViewer, it was all purple and black (Yes I know, MISSING TEXTURES)

And when I tried it ingame I got a consistancy error and a message in the console saying this.

Model models\player _arctic.mdl exceeds mins (-28.4 -8.8 -5.2 vs. -13.0 -13.0 -10.0)
Model models\player _arctic.mdl exceeds maxs (28.4 9.6 75.5 vs. 13.0 13.0 75.0)

I do remember seeing somewhere you needed to scale your model to an appropiate size and I did, when I put it side by side with one of the Ultimate Team models, they were exactly the same size, both X, Y, and Z coordinates were the same.

Can I get some help? Yes, My topic title is what I searched… and I found nothing.

I dont know if that will work ( because is for DOD:S, and it use OB engine ) but, check this tutorial to pass consistency test :

That is what I was referring to, and it seems that is the only problem I am having.