Help Making custom swep

So I am trying to make a custom swep called body rig and the purpose is so when playing TTT this is placed on a dead body and when a player presses E on the body it blows up. I am new to coding and don’t even know where to start all I know is that I will be using Traces, Functions, And arguments. I would like to know if someone would be willing to help me make this item I am new to coding so I am having trouble knowing where to start.

You should start here, as well as looking at existing SWeps.

This also seems less of a “swep” and more of an entity. A swep would be something someone can wield and use while they have it out, while your description of it seems to be more of booby-trap that’s used if a player buys it.
Still, look at the wiki for details on entity scripting. Best of luck, mate.

Thanks for the Entity part know i know that but I dont know how to code the enitity so it preforms the function of what I explained.

Read the sticky.
Post on coderhire, we are here to help not do your work for you.

Coderhire lets you hire someone to make something for you, and you could probably get it made for around ~10 bucks.

Hmm well first off look here.

Look around inside the files and gain an understanding of how the file work.
I’m not exactly sure how to add the feature to TTT, mainly because I don’t know how to edit the games main files, but you could definitely learn it on your own.

CoderHire has sonething like that already

I know you guys dont work for me obviously but I was asking help if anyone knew where I can learn to code Entity’s so I can do this project

You were already linked to several places, read…