Help making new administration classes

Ok I use ulx/assmod on my server. I want(ed) to make a new admin class on assmod, NOT ulx. The reason for this is I want a class ABOVE admins, but below supers, and a class thats ABOVE respected, but BELOW admins.

I allow people to buy admin on my server. I check the logs everyday for abuse and anyone found with loses there admin rights. But I also have admins above these “paid” admins, VIPadmins you could say. They keep an eye on the “paid” admins, and have ulx immunity, while the “paid” admins don’t.

But what I want is to actually MAKE a VIPadmin class for assmod. They would have access to tools, weapons, and commands that “paid” admins don’t.

For example, say I want VIPadmins to have access to private space tool, but not “paid admins”. How could I make it so ONLY VIPadmins could have it? I know its basically impossible to code new classes into assmod, and in any case I don’t know how to code.

Can I use ulx to make a class that how access to specfic tools etc but lower ones don’t? I know you can set different classes over ulx with “ulx addgroup etc etc” and set and remove the commands for each group but what I really want is to set TOOLS and WEAPONS and such to specfic groups.

I have also seen some sort of tool command for ulx but never been able to figure it out.

So my question really is this. Anyway of doing this through ulx? If not, is there any admin addon that can?

Thanks in advance :D. Please be gentle

You’re looking for URestrict, one of the ULX addons.