"HELP!" Man dragged into prison cell by zombie



Prolly my worst pic today, it’s shit as fuck. i already understand that.

The lamp was dumbly left there by me

I was about to sound like a dick saying you pic was horrible but you already said it yourself lol.

The shadows look awful and you left the hands without posing, it looks like the Zombie is gonna give a blowjob to the citizen.

At least you did some faceposing :v:


Why you didnt made a thread for all your pics?

Bloom is quite excessive again. Models are cool.

you should quit using that overbloomed map if it looks that bad…

He already did but let it die.

Why not posing the eyes.
Looks like the survivor is already dead
But youre getting better.
Keep going mate.

It was me stupidly placing a light to see at all in there and i forgot to delete it

Your thread title makes me think of this song for a reason.