Help! Massive Glitch

A few days ago i came across a damn ugly glitch, and i cant find any fixes online, ive already reinstalled gmod, and cleaned out all its files, and it hasent gone, this glitch is like this with all models, ragdolls, most props, weapons, and other people online,

Given the size of the screenshot I’m guessing you’re playing on a netbook or very outdated computer (or perhaps the image has been cropped), can you please provide your system information? Are your drivers up to date? Is your computer overheating?

its that big because i uploaded it to imageshack and resized it, my pc hasnt over heated, im running windows 7 and heres my pc specs + im up to date with drivers :slight_smile:

**Manufacturer : Packard bell

Model Imeadia s3210

AMD anthlon II x3 425 2.70 Ghz processor


System type: 64bit**

By this you mean that you have tried to remove steam\steamapps\YourName*garrysmod* folder or you just tried to remove game from the Steam library and install it back?

Did GMOD ever worked fine on your computer? You also forgot to mention most important part of your PC specs, the graphics card.