Help me become inspired and figure out how to work out this map.

Well before i quit gaming last year, i was working on a map that was centered around a dynamic combine assault, in which the combine would find where you were, and assault you once you initiated the assault.
A steamfriend and I were chatting and I have decided to try to remake the map. The only problem is I don’t know how to put my plan into practice. I have a very basic outline drawn up.

There are 3 basic areas: Farm house area, tunnel area, and the bridge area.

The actual playable parts are simple, but the thing is I’m not sure how to bound in the whole mess. I can’t just have a tunnel coming out from a flat farmland, and i don’t want to do the whole boundary displacement thing where you just through a ridge around the whole area.

TLDR how can i work out the boundary of the playable area at the farm area so it doesn’t look like shit but also makes sense

Ok, first point…make a well detailed plan. Don’t use internet slang on it as it looks dumb. Each area should state any useful points about that area, what it is used for, any detailed entity or brushwork.
Different people will use different methods to make things click into place. We can’t help you get inspired, that is soemthing you have to do by yourself. What you can do is pull up images of farms on google, listen to music and walk through it in your mind, or simply doodle. Mess around with ideas until you find one that works.

Wish I could read the actual plans.

a detailed plan. I’ll start there. I usually go right into making the map and then get discouraged and want to just quit. Maybe working from a plan will help

Here is a happy sheep. If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

*eats sheep alive.

see opz

Much better looking plan.

so i got the basic layout done for all except the farmhouse area. But there’s my issue of the tunnel portal! I want it to look like the tunnel actually came from somewhere. I’m going to use displacements but im debating whether to use subdivision or just do it flat and negotiate it like that. I obviously don’t want the player to be climbing on to the top of that hill. hmmmmm thoughts?

Gate it off and put an above ground pipeline running past along that border.