Help me build a full-proof structure

Dear community:

Can you share tips on how to build good structures in-game that wont be exploited easily using pillars and such? I’m thinking a large surface with various internal walls. This would be a bit tough to pull off, but i’m considering starting with a 4x4 foundation, then after getting enough resources, I can expand one more block. Is this possible?

Or is my plan too complicated for nothing? Do you have any other ideas?

tons of doors.

Tons of doors, and stack that shit high. Sleep in a different room each night and keep your loot up high, don’t forget to have loot boxes in every room to throw raiders off.


Do the pillar foundations trick, and stack it high as you can. You’l be fine.

what’s the point? They can just c4 through the wall through the top floor using ramps/pillars

Yeah but that’s why you don’t keep your stuff on the top floor way to predictable say you have a 7 story house best place is probably between floor 3-5 obviously need to have loads of little sub rooms to throw them off and make sure they use more that 8 satchel charges.

5x5x8 metal building. I’ll reveal further details when you get the stuff for that.

Yeah, i think the games a little broke in this department :slight_smile:

I don’t play the game long enough to get enough metal fragments for that haha

No, he really meant full. He wants so much space he can never fill it.

best pro tip is build a metal base since wood walls now often only take 1 c4 to blow

Really? Maybe because of the decay?
I should go an test that :confused:

first go to 5x5, this gives you a core, i have yet to try it yet as i still need metal wall blueprints

the center one should be metal the outer ones can be wood (double duty makes you look less advanced and once they are in they may realize they dont have enough c4)

then build up up and away

spike wall the entire perimeter (blocks them from building a foundation and climbing, they also take more C4 than a reg wall)

door doors doors

but as always the best base defence is that no one finds it in the first place

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best bet is a combo, where you hide the metal and leave wood on the outside, it looks like your worse off than you are and maybe not worth raiding

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ring your base with spiked walls, they block foundations and can be trickier to get C4 on, if you double that layer it increases the cost of building the fire escape to a point where the raid wont be profitable

also to everyone worried about their “vault” nothing will keep some one out if they think it is worth it, keep that in mind and spread your gear out, that way if one cache gets hit its not the end of the world and back to square one

Spike walls would be a good idea if they didn’t decay in like 7 hours… I really have limited gaming time, so i can’t keep worrying about spike walls dissapearing. Good tips though, thanks. I’ll consider them once i icollect enough resources to build a new and improved camp.

did something like this and put 2 layers of spike walls around it no on attacked me and when i someone finally got in it was funny seeing all the failed attempts to get to my stuff

hiding your initial base is the best option… there are lots of places to hide it or you just have to really think it out…

the other option is go further out into no mans land. Then make yourself a little hunting camp that you suicide to with basic supplies for farming… then you just book it back to your main base…

Eventually you’ll build up the stash of metal and the blue prints for metal buildings… that’s when you can can really fortify…

The best thing they’ll add to Rust hopefully in the near future is the ability to allow group members through your doors… then you and your buddies can all put resources into one big ass fort with walls and all that noise.