Help me build a tower

**The goal has been reached!**


For this, I need all the

Dumb ratings
I can get to get enough boxes (375) to finish my tower! New ratings will be added onto the tower
automatically every time the Facepunch API updates.

For those who want to see or build, visit the server @

Latest Screenshot


Condensed the ratings icons to show up like on Facepunch.
Added all icons to be displayed in the ground display rather than boxes.
Added progress bar.

lol what

rated dumb

I want to rate this as “winner”, but also want to add a box, what do?!

Rate is dumb anyway.

Looks like the first part is starting to take form.


We’re getting there! If only I could rate more than once.

Oh nice, may you update the first post of what it looks like after x amount of boxes please.

Are you gonna nuke it when you are done? >:D

I remember someone doing something like this a while back. He had like npcs walking around and clocks and stuff

Yes, and they represented the ones who contributed. They were wearing the user’s avatar as a mask or something.

*: one of those are mine
*: it's like being a stock holder
*: I'll eventually outsource my investments and gain the majority control of the tower, and ultimately sell the contruction to Starbucks

Watch out, Chessnut.

There should be a user’s name for the box he/she rated dumb for.

I don’t think I can with the API.

Here’s a pic from a previous similar project:

Close enough. Will need to figure out how to strip all the HTML stuff.

Clever idea, really hope you reach your goal.

I have given you this box, and with it, you shall stack it. So is life.

Here you go, box number 100.

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