HELP ME (crash at the start)

when I start the game Rust (which just installed on my PC)
and load the game arrived in the step “EasyAntiCheat Loaded”
he crash then this error message appears:

Can you help me please
(sorry for the google translate):cool:

Can you get the crash message in english ? can’t read whatever that is.

The instruction at 0x773fd256 uses the memory address 0x00000008. The memory could not be in state ‘written’.

Click OK to terminate the program.

My friend had his. I think he said it he fixed it with Windows. Doing something … upgrade Windows I think

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I’ll text he’s Ass

Thank you

What are your system specs?

Did you try,
Flushing steam dns
Updating Windows (Important updates)
Updating drivers, I suggest Driver Booster
And after all that, Verify game files (Rust)

I heve up my drivers and my windows 7 to 10 and it’s OK :slight_smile: ty man