Help me create a class-based Team Deathmatch Gamemode that will be named later!

I don’t know so much about scripting, and The Gmod Wiki has great information, but I’m sure you, the members of Facepunch, have more experience and learned how to do things that aren’t on the wiki, or can manage to explain things better. So I ask, simply, help me make this gamemode.

Best thing to do is to look at other gamemodes, see how they do things. Also use Fretta as a base, it does all the tedious stuff for you, like setting up teams and classes.

If you have any questions you can open a thread and ask them in the Lua Questions subforum, here.

I might be able to help you out ove the summer, im a bit busy, but contact me on steam and ill take a look at what i can do.

The questions sub-forum awaits your arrival.