Help me decide on a Gamemode

Hai. Im a Member of the Xuras Communty,
And we recently got a Whole Bunch of new Servers, Mine being the First, it was a 16 Slot RP, but we recently got a 128 Slot Dedi Server for RP.
So i want you pplz to help me Decide on a gamemode, i was thinking on making it a Fretta server, but you ppl decide, i was gonna post a list of gamemodes but im sure you can find one yourselves.

Assisionation ? ( Dont know how to spell it )
Team Forts?

I dont mean gamemodes inside fretta BTW,
I mean stuff like Stranded or Spacebuild aswell as fretta.

Stranded :smiley:

hmm Tower? :slight_smile: wait no stranded


My Firend is Making a New Stranded so i hear.
If you wanna lookie:,752.0.html
Ill prolly use this when its done.


We Have a Sandbox, and a Darkrp.
But thanks for the Suggestion ><

Please tell me you are breaking that 128’er up. It’s really hard to get 128 players to connect to a single server. Anyway, I would run Stranded, there’s not many around anymore.

Yeah Its broken up AtM, but not when Thingshappen releases his new Map.

And if i dont take it down, i will run stranded.

My personal list, and my reasoning:

  • Sandbox - brings in most players
  • Spacebuild 2 - easier
  • Spacebuild 3 - not much of that around
  • Stranded - everyone else wants it
  • Fretta - sure, why not