Help me decide


I am making a map and i was hoping you guys could help me decide on if i should have water and rain or just keep it plain like it is, i think the rain and water will add the the realism of the map.

The map will feature parts in a underground area, so it will not have rain there. i am only showing parts that will be exposed to rain and water.

I am also deeply sorry for the Depth of field, i was just testing out my computer during these screenshots. i also am sorry for the horrible lighting, i am trying to find a good angle for the lighting, this isnt very good.

Also please do not comment on the map itself, it will not remain this way.

Pictures for you:

Sorry if this was the wrong section

PS: the water will be right at the floor of the map, the shadows caused by the lighting and the DOF make the floor hard to make out the walls from the floor, but just try to imagine it.

You could of just posted in the map pimpage thread.

Damnit, sorry i didnt know that thread was for this kind of stuff

Everyone disregard this thread