Help me design the next Beyond Borders cover

If there was one thing that all episodes have in common, it’s an always changing title style, placement and font design. It’s almost like a running joke that this comic cannot find a single title style that “works”. I’ve done all sorts of designs for them and frankly, I guess I’ll let you people have a go at them. Mainly because I’m just frustrated on choosing one for myself and since there’s still quite a public opinion on the matter I figure maybe the PUBLIC can help design a suitable cover.

Here are some previous examples of the always shifting cover changes/styles:
Episode I design:

Episode II designs:

Episode III designs:

Episode IV designs:

Yeah, nothing seems to stick. I want that to change now.

Basically, I want anyone who feels up to it to try their hand at designing a cover for the next part. I’ll provide what needs to be written but how it’s placed, what font you choose, the style etc. is all up to you. Post your designs in this thread when you’re finished and we can all try to decide on a proper font and design that can finally define “Beyond Borders”

What needs to be included on this cover page, one way or another:
-Beyond Borders title
-“Episode IV”
-“Part II”

-You have the right to get as creative as necessary.

Here are the three potential images you can work with for this episode’s cover:

The point of this serves not only myself but it could also be for an opportunity for some people to just try their hand at font designs and mock covers for a comic or a movie or whatever you can fathom. It should be for fun and practice and a chance to see how artistically inclined the screenshots/movies community can get beyond editing a picture.

I say go with the first one.

Whats beyond borders?



and a weird alternate one

Too busy faping to these, they’re all good

thanks for picking mine jim

he already picked one?

These are fucking gorgeous

Alright is settled Zeraxify made the best one in my opinion

Why is part 2 in French? :confused:

French makes anything cooler, obviously :downsrim:

Finally, something I’m good at.

I might throw together another one along the same lines.

alright, have it in german, azerbaijani and swahili: