Help me download!

I have no idea how to download either the Wasteland map or the Portal Gun (which is currently on the front page)! Nothing has worked so far. I just need somebody that’s willing to help me do it :expressionless:



Thanks for the help.

Press a mirror, success.

Negative. They’re downloaded to my desktop already. I just don’t know where to extract them.

The PG:
The map:

Ok, let me clarify. I tried extracting them to Addons, Maps, and Garrysmod. None worked. I then tried taking the models and textures and putting them in the materials folder. Also didn’t work. (This was all for the map.) As for the portalgun, I just tried addons, which didn’t work.

Damn why i’m not suprised same here with the portal gun :slight_smile:

you need to have the game Portal to make the portal gun work…as for the map…i have no idea

lol i have Portal game still sux no weapon!

I have the same problem with the portal gun so no help there. But for the map does it say garrysmod as the folder? If so you have to download the whole pack to your garrysmod folder at your steam name/garrysmod/garrysmod and not the map folder itsself.

"In order to open and edit my map.

Please extract a materials and models first.
Or you will fail compiling them.
Install content into a folder of game you will use for hammer editor. (ep2,portal, hl2 etc…)
Also please DO NOT CHANGE MATERIAL PATHS. - You can if you want but in the end you will be confused in mixed stuff :P"

Those are the instructions. I feel like this isn’t as hard as it seems.