Help me enjoy Gmod again.

So, since about April to mid September I played RP on Gmod. Nothing else really interested me. And from August '09 to October '09 I played RP, too. I then moved to TF2 full time, and that’s what I am doing right now. I’d like to get back into gmod.

Can someone suggest a fun gamemode or map or something to play on? I haven’t really touched gmod for the last month. I pretty much only played DarkRP and occasionally Sandbox, so I don’t really know what other popular gamemodes are out there.

Suggestions please?

Short answer:No DarkRP look for Fretta + TTT servers

If you’re in for serious roleplay, don’t go to DarkRP.
Cider can be very fun sometimes, and is usually never played by minges.
You can have a look at my server,
I’ll tell you short :
Weapons are expensive, no jobs except Police starting with weapons, and Officers start with a USP; Commander with a MP5.
Read more here :

Also I find Flood quite amusing, aslong as it’s on a good server.

Prop hunt is also very fun.

I recommend TTT, sassilization deathrun, or prop hunt.

DarkRP is full of kids that will scream when: getting shot,while they are cp and enemy resist arrest etc.

I heard of this weird gamemode called sandbox, I think you should try that maybe, not sure.

is this a new gamemode like darkrp?


I strongly suggest sandbox, learning wire, expression2, and lua.

And perhaps try spacebuild.