help me find a decent slow motion addon.

I had a neat Slow motion addon before. Then i formated my harddrive. It was a good one, you had a nice options menu for it, where you could tweak the rate of fire of your weapon and stuff. Now i only find shitty ones, anyone know which one i’m talking about? I used to have this one. It’s pretty good.

It’s not the right one.

You said a decent one. if its decent, it counts. narrow your search more.

Right, more description.
it had a tab for itself. With sliders showing how much down you could slow the game, if it should activate in mid air, and so on. The one mescool gave me was just a shitty host_timescale function with xeras addon .

Use that ffs, it’s been around the first 5 pages for ages.

Still not the one i’m after.

Well, you CAN edit the slow down strentgh etc. so wtf are you looking for? I think that has all you’ll need.
Besides, it’s one of the best out there.

Nevermind, found the addon. Seems it was the slow-mo feature that came with the twitch weaponry i was after. NOW PLEX LOCK DA THRED