Help me find some Halloween stuff.

I browse Halloween on, 4 files. Trick or treat, nothing. Holiday, nothing. Help me find some stuff! I’m hoping to find maps and models.

Try searching “scary” or “haunted”. That should turn up a few maps.

Okay, good. Now the models.

Lol, I Just Made a Halloween Map :smiley:
Well its like a zombie survial map :S

Halloween 2009 Flatgrass !

Not to be mean, but it sucks.

This might have some interesting stuff

Well, Haven’t thought about making a theme pack for a ton of halloween stuff. Anyone want to help? I primarily need people who make good maps and can make models. I can handle textures(Maybe like simple map icons, or spawn icons?), just not stuff for playermodels.
Oh, maybe a skeleton player model? Jackolantern playermodel? Hmm, I suppose making a new thread for this idea?

You should do it for sure.


Awesome. Maybe I can take some models from that and into gmod. Thanks.