Help me find the best addons.

Hey, i just bought Team Fortress 2 + Garry’s mod pack, and I’m looking for some “must have” addons. (Meaning general stuff, weapons, construction packs etc.)

You could say, that I’m a veteran of Garry’s, because i used to play it in the times when it was still free, but when it went to Steam, i wouldn’t bother to buy it, but now I did, after 2 ½ years i think.

So, send some links to this thread to lead me to those must have addons.

Wire (advanced building), PHX (construction modelpack) and Advanced Duplicator (copy-paste with a save function) are good.
Almost forgot. (thanks for reminding Carlisle)
Stargate (advanced sci-fi teleportation), Spacebuild Model Enhancement Project (space-ship parts modelpack).
SWEPs would be Twitch Weaponry (advanced aiming) and Kermite’s packs (lots of weapons)

Wiremod, PHX, Spacebuild Model Enhancement Project.

Stargate Addon Pack has some pretty full stuff.

(Advance Duplicator comes with Wire if you get the full thing).

how is this a newbie question about lua

Where else would it be?

OUTSIDE THE LUA SECTION. Try general discussion. This place is lua only

But, this IS a newbie question.

within the lua section. It is therefore a section for newbie questions about lua and not the general game. questions such as this are better placed in:

There will be a greater response from people there.

Well, before the mods move it we could just help.

Addons are made with lua. So this is the right place.

Models arent made with lua.

Most popular model packs have lua. :stuck_out_tongue:

They do, but they are mostly models and this is lua only.