Help me find this good dharma map.

Someone please help me find this map. The map had a Dharma logo with a snowflake in the middle, it was a snow map, where you would spawn in a chopper that is on the ground, and the map had a underground base, that you could lockdown, i belive it was a RP map, someone please help me find this map i have been searching for it but cant find it since i dont remember its name.

I belive this is a video from the map

Bump for help.


I think its custom, seeing as 1 room with some props.

The video has just that, its the room in which you activate the lockdown, its much bigger, i remember this, if only i could remember the map’s name.

I apologize for bumping a 2 year old thread. But I have been looking for this map everywhere., the forum’s archives, all around google. If anyone knows what it is. Please. Tell me and link me.