Help me fix broken Coderhire purchase

So i bought a jailbreak gamemode off coderhire made by chessnut. And when i ran it, half the things do not work and are broken.

Can somebody please help me fix it.

I do not know any code at all that’s why i bought the gamemode in the first place

Have you contacted Chessnut first

Contact Chessnut.

Yes i have and he said hire somebody else

Well, hire someone then, nobody is going to do it for free.

Yea but i already paid for the broken gamemode

Congrats, either hire someone to fix it for you or get a refund from chessnut.

What’s wrong with it? Why is it broken?

Why would he sell something half working?

Thats like me selling you a brand new car and its missing the wheels and you come and ask me to fix it and i just say “lol gtfo fgt”

If you bought a car with missing wheels it’s your damn fault that you are blind. Bad example. You should’ve checked reviews before buying, and it is possible that your addons cause this.

Contact a moderator and tell him, maybe they will get Chessnut to check the game mode and fix it.

There was no way for me to preview the code before buying it, and the reviews were mixed

Report the script, if your claim is valid the script will be taken down and your money refunded.

Post your SteamID; I’m kind of doubting you’ve even purchased the script.

Im not giving out my steam id, here is the paypal receipt

Why would you not give out your SteamID?

What’s wrong with the game-mode? Why is it not working?

What errors are being spewed? Maybe it’s something simple?

It looks like you’ve reversed the transaction since then. Yet you’re still trying to use his script; that breaches the license, posting any of the code here will also be in breach of the license. So don’t do that or ask for any further help.

Wait, where does it say it’s reversed? I see it was charged, but not refunded???

Payment TO someone, status completed, not refunded.

Maybe I’m missing something?? If so, and you were refunded, OP, then you can’t use it.

Coderhire admins confirmed it. I assume my word is enough proof on these forums.

For people who won’t believe Matt.