Help Me Fix Up This Map

I have here an old map I made way back in the day. I wanted to convert it to work with a gamemode i released so i made some tweaks and compiled it. Then i noticed that it took forever to compile (it definitely shouldn’t) and the filesize is way bigger than it should be.

I don’t have much experience with making larger outdoors maps so I’m not sure what the rule of thumb is for setting up visleafs and such.

I’ll post the VMF here. Anyone can use this VMF for their own purposes as long as they credit me as the original author. If someone wants to look at it and possibly fix anything stupid i may have done, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, I’d like someone to at least explain what i can do to optimize it.

Some pics


The lighting is also too dark and the water looks like ass. I’m also not sure how to properly make the water fade into the distance when i look at it so i just made it huge which probably didn’t help at all. I tried fog but it was ass ugly.

use the various optimization techniques (eg visleaves and areaportals). it’s clear from those screenshots why your map takes long to compile, it’s barely optimized at all. there are plenty of tutorials on optimizing, use them.

to make your water seem endless, make a 3d skybox.

since your map doesn’t seem too detailed, i’d say you’re better off just restarting it. that way you can recreate it but you’ll be able to keep optimization in mind while mapping.

pretty much what TCB said, but for open, outdoor landscapes like that, I find using func_viscluster handy for cutting down on compile times. basically it’s this brush entity that tells VVIS that the visleafs in its volume can all see each other. that saves VVIS some needless calculation and makes for a speedier compile. :smiley:

Starting over is a bit extreme. The map itself is properly laid out, i just didn’t know which places to make func_detail and which ones not to. The first compile took ages so i took some of the buildings and just made them completely func_detail since i wasn’t sure if they were causing the long compile time.

With water, how do you make it not look shitty in a 3d skybox? Since every texture gets stretched you can see a seam where the water ends and where the 3d box water starts.

Also, how would i set up visleafs if most of my buildings can “see” into the main outdoors area? All of my buildings except for the one office building have wide open doors that can see out into the main area completely.

only func_detail small brushes that don’t block light

reduce the scale of the skybox water to 1/16th of the original size (0.256 iirc)

in hindsight, visleaves wouldn’t really help you, i thought there would be an underground area and i’m not sure why

The map is pretty small, so you shouldn’t be having an issue. Get rid of all the func_details as none of them are used correctly, and start over. At the moment, if you stand anywhere on the map, you can see a lot. Consider breaking up the areas so you can cut up lines of sight.

Okay so i deleted the massive expanse of water i had and my compile time is now approximately 10 seconds and the map size is less than halved. :v:

You were using cheap water/LOD, right?

I had my water lod entity set up but it was all regular water.

I got the map all fixed up and finished now. Has a nice 3d skybox too.